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Using the Digital Back office offers a huge advantage for pharmacists over their competition, click here to see how going digital can compare to a traditional pharmacy. The Digital Back Office solution has been designed so that a pharmacy can implement Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) using the array of services. You have three packages to choose from:

Free (Just register)

  1. Untethered PGDs Host - we have over 3,000 locations across the UK where locums can use our PGDs. Becoming a host allows your business to allow untethered PGD use in your location, meaning no more annual PGD charges!
  2. Online doctor - you can embed our solution on your website or you will be granted access to one listing on
  3. Human Resources module - this enables the organisation to send out HR contract to be signed by the various classes of users.
  4. iPMR system - this allows you to receive and dispense online prescriptions via an embeddable link such as


Basic - £29.99pm inc VAT.

Intended for community pharmacies:
  1. SOP system comes which contains over 150, GPhC/CPAF compliant SOPs and enables digital, legally binding signatures.
  2. Online, CPPQ survey access - an online embeddable system which allows for CPPQ digitization.
  3. Clinical logs, including Clinical Diary, Errors - including NPSA classing, Date Checking, Cleaning, Recalls, Responsible Pharmacist and Maintenance
  4. Complaints app online embeddable system which follows NHS complaints protocols.
  5. Practice leaflet customisable, website embeddable including pdf/hardcopy download.
  6. Real-time PPA/BSA analysis app entering your ODS code will provide you with a graphic visualisation of competitors from NHSBSA data.
  7. NHS commissioning app - this has been created for pharmacists uncertain about how to go about obtaining NHS/CCG/GP commissions. We have sourced documentation from pharmacists nationwide who have been successful in obtaining NHS funding for novel services Voyager has compiled this data into an easy read format and embedded it into a simple chat forum so that it can be downloaded at will and discussed online.

"Every 2.5 hours per week saved by centralizing pharmacy data entry tasks, saves the company $11 million in workload efficiencies".

- Gregory D. Wasson – Former President & CEO Walgreen’s


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Standard - £39.99pm inc VAT.

Includes all of the above, but in addition, you get access to our digital, online registers.

  • CD Returns/ Destruction register
  • POM Private register
  • Specials register
  • Emergency Supply register

Our online Controlled Drugs register fully meets the requirements of the Medicines Act and are in use by over 500 pharmacies within the UK.


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Premium - £79.99pm inc VAT.

Intended of Distance Selling Pharmacies, includes all of the above, plus:

  • Distance Selling SOPs meeting GPhC and NHS requirements.
  • Prescription app allows for the ability to receive repeat requests from patients online.
  • Online Prescribing Formulary (OPF) - our online prescribing medicine risk assessment database.
  • GPhC 5 Principle analysis bot allows for the creation of actionable compliance reports.
  • PharmaMap - an app that maps out all dispensing and prescribing contractors giving 1,5,10 mile distance radii. 

All of the tools listed above have been created by Mike Bereza to ensure distance selling and traditional bricks and mortar pharmacies meet all current standards published as the CPAF and GPhC 5 Principles. To have a look at the breakdown of the development of the tools, please have a look at our online brochure. Our subscriptions are intended to provide you with continuing support, we have created the to make your job as a community pharmacist easier, however, if you feel you would like to cancel, our subscriptions are monthly and you can do so by easily unsubscribing.


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Hubnet is an online pharmacy information system. We intend to provide healthcare professionals with an online ecosystem to allow for better communication between each other and their patients. Protected by law, the data you enter into this site remains your intellectual property and cannot be used by us. Our goal is to enable you to do more, if you like it you can subscribe for more!

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