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Voyager Medical's team of dedicated prescribing pharmacists offer face to face and online flu vaccine training to any GPhC registered pharmacist or technician within the UK. We predict that the 20201influenza season will be one of the busiest times due to the COVID-19 crisis. In response, we have created a range of no-contact face to face training sessions and have updated our training to include:

  • GPhC registered practising pharmacists trainers. So that the people who we train can benefit from our coal face experience, also our phone support comes from the same team!
  • All brands of influenza vaccine. Some PGDs only allow for one type of vaccine, as it is highly likely that many brands will become out of stock this year, it is of utmost importance to have an open formulation PGD.
  • Works with pharmacist locums. Our inclusive PGDs are untethered, meaning pharmacists can use the PGD in multiple locations.
  • Training videos of a pharmacist working in a real pharmacy with real patients. We film all of our training material in a real-life GPhC registered pharmacy.

Pharmacist Flu Training Course Content

We are recognised by the PSNC as meeting the NHS requirements for flu training. The approach of our training is to include to look at the service from a real community pharmacists perspective; content for the course includes:

  • Patient consultation process - whilst working in a busy dispensary what are the best mechanisms to ensure continuity of service.
  • Gaining and documenting consent - how can pharmacy staff help in this process to reduce pharmacist workload.
  • How to interpret the Flu Risk Assessment Form (iRAF) - we have an online risk assessment tool which makes this a breeze!
  • Checking for contraindications and exclusions - we highlight the main red flags for the pharmacist to look out for.
  • Injection site identification - identified as one of the main risks of patient complaints, we detail out how best to avoid any issues.
  • Safe intramuscular and subcutaneous vaccine administration - allowing for the safe administration of the flu vaccine to patients on anticoagulants.
  • Differential diagnosis of anaphylaxis - we address the anxiety of pharmacists when trying to figure out whether a patient is suffering from anaphylaxis or not.
  • CPR training - how is this best performed in an emergency within a pharmacy?

Why train your staff to deliver flu vaccines in your pharmacy?

It is a specification of the NHS nationally commissioned pharmacy influenza service that healthcare professionals have to have face to face CPR and Anaphylaxis training every three years. We recommend, in addition, that every season the pharmacist should also pass a short online competency test on new NHS updates to ensure they are ready for the new season. Below is an example of some of our online training materials:

More reasons to use Voyager Medical's pharmacist flu training:

  • 24/7 prescriber clinical support line - our team can issue private prescriptions.
  • Meet both NHS and Private requirements - and includes four additional PGDs: Meningitis, Hepatitis B, PPV and PCV.
  • Created by practising pharmacists - all of our training and support is performed by practising pharmacists.
  • Augmented by Pharmacy Completes "Flu Champion Course" - a great companion course to our Flu PGD and Training.
  • Fully Virtual Reality enabled! In 2017, Voyager pioneered the first-ever pharmacy-based VR enabled flu training module.

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