Online Prescribing contains a fully integrated online telemedicine module which you can use with our prescriber or use your own. Whether you are a prescribing nurse, pharmacist or doctor we can give you the tools to aid you to practice online. We have two off the shelf portals and a further custom option.

  1. - is our amalgamated prescriber website which connects patients with prescribers. If you are a prescriber you can register your organisation on this website and create your own listing.
  2. Embeddable online prescribing - this is our website specific prescribing module which can be embedded into your own website, for example have a look at some of our partners:
  3. Custom online prescribing modules - we offer a wide range of solutions for healthcare practitioners wanting to practice telemedicine using a variety of ways to communicate to patients.


1. Voyager Health

This is our centralised portal for all clinics on our network, you can list your clinic with us free of charge and we will send you the resulting private prescriptions found by patients using our geolocator. We use our strength in numbers to bring you online traffic from across the UK.

The second type of portal we provide is our embeddable portal.


2. Embeddable Online Prescribing System

This system has the same list of treatments that can be found on Voyager Health however, it can be embedded into any website such as We can either use our online prescriber or you can provide your own. We are transparent in all of our transaction, we provide you with analytics which shows you how many patients visit your site and then use the prescribing system. We are the lowest cost third party prescriber system available in the UK.

Independent Pharmacist Prescriber

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Hubnet is an online pharmacy information system. We intend to provide healthcare professionals with an online ecosystem to allow for better communication between each other and their patients. Protected by law, the data you enter into this site remains your intellectual property and cannot be used by us. Our goal is to enable you to do more, if you like it you can subscribe for more!

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